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Elite Tutorials is run by Chris and Kay Haycock, who are experienced tutors, based in Melksham. Both of them teach Maths, English & 11+.

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Elite Tutorials – Jonathan Clark tutor profile
Jonathan: tutor profile
Expert subjects: Science, Maths, English & Psychology
Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
Will travel up to 15 miles (including Hatfield, Stevenage, Harpenden, Potters Bar, Hertford and St Albans), or will tutor at his own home.
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Tutor: Clare,
St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Testimonial for 11+ preparation by Clare for Parmiters entrance test:

‘My son and Clare hit it off immediately. He was successful in obtaining a place at Parmiters School.’

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Seven reasons for choosing Elite Tutorials
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1. Proven Improvement in Student Grades.
2. Run by experienced tutors.
3. Highest possible standards
4. Specialist tutors.
5. Tutor Screening.
6. No contracts or Admin fees.
7. Friendly and personal service.
Mission statement
Elite Tutorials’ mission is to help students regardless of ability, age or background to succeed academically through the support of the highest quality tuition available.

We aim to help all students to realise their full potential.

We also strive to raise our students’ confidence in their ability, which will help them in their future careers.


Elite Tutorials – Chris Haycock tutor profile
Chris: tutor profile
Expert subjects: Maths & English tutor to both children and adults, as well as 7+, 11+ and 13+ tuition.
Location: Melksham, Wiltshire SN12
Will travel up to 12 miles (including Chippenham, Calne and Trowbridge, as well as Devizes).


Subjects and levels covered:
7+, 11+ and 13+ entrance preparation;
Maths at KS1, KS2, KS3 and GSCE level;
English at KS1, KS2 and KS3 level;
Adult Numeracy & Literacy tuition - preparation for QTS Numeracy & Literacy tests, GCSE Numeracy & Literacy Equivalance Tests, Basic Skills Numeracy & Literacy Qualifications, as well as all other types of Adult Numeracy & Literacy tests.

Bsc in Mathematics with Statistics, from Queen Mary College, London, 1987

I am a highly experienced tutor of Maths, English, 11+ and 13+ entrance preparation, for the past 14 years to children, as well as providing Maths & English tuition for adults.

I have 28 outstanding written references from parents - extracts of some of these, can be viewed on the Testimonials page, and full signed copies of all 28 references, can be viewed before any first lesson with me.

I also have а proven track record generally of improving students’ grades. For example, I had a student for GCSE Maths about 3 years ago, who came to me after getting a border-line C in her Mock exam. After 7 months’ tuition with me, she achieved an A grade in her GCSE exam.

I am also а specialist at 11+ entrance preparation, and I have а proven track record of getting students into selective schools (around 80% success rate, compared to only 5% of students who sit 11+ exams who get in).

With 11+, I teach all 4 subject areas - Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Adult Tuition: In Numeracy & Literacy
I am also now experienced at teaching Adult Numeracy & Literacy tuition, and I have had great success in these tuitions too. I am especially experienced in preparing adults students for QTS Numeracy & Literacy tests.

Last year, I had 3 such students- all 3 passed their Numeracy Tests with me, and I also helped one of them pass a Literacy test as well. I helped all of them improve significantly in their marks in the process. One of them had scored 9 out of 30 (pass mark was 18) on her 1st Numeracy test, but after 2 weeks’ tutoring with me , she scored 18 out of 30, to pass the test.

Another had scored 15 out of 30 on the 1st Numeracy Test, but she then improved to score 22 out of 30 to pass her exam. I also tutored this same lady for the QTS Literacy Test. She had failed the test before with a score of 16 out of 30 (pass mark was 18), but after 2 weeks’ tuition with me, she passed with a score of 24 out of 30.

The other student improved from an initial score of 9 out of 30, to score 18 out of 30, to pass her Numeracy Test. This 3rd student also asked me to help her to pass a GCSE Maths Equivalency Test, which she still needed to pass to get on a PGCE Teacher Training Course.

When I assessed her to begin with , through an initial exam paper, she only scored 32%, but after 10 days’ tuition with me, she then scored 78% in her exam (pass mark was 75) to pass her exam, and so was able to go on her PGCE course (I have a written reference from this student, which I can show clients).

I also use National Curriculum Resources for all my tuitions and have a vast resource base of past exam papers.

In addition, I am a great believer in building the student’s confidence with plenty of encouragement.

Extracts from parent testimonials for Chris

Index: Section 1: GCSE Maths references; Section 2: 11+ and Primary references
Full versions of these references, and all the rest of Chris’s 25 written references, can be viewed, before the first tuition lesson with Chris.

Section 1: GCSE Maths references:
“My daughter was tutored for GCSE Maths by Chris for a period of 7 months leading up to her exams, because she had just received a border-line ‘C’ grade for her GCSE Maths Mock exam. She took her GCSE in June 2011 and she achieved an ‘A’ grade. Both my daughter and myself believe this would not have been possible, if she had not been tutored by Chris.”
Mrs Baker (parent), Radlett, Herts

“Chris was engaged to prepare my daughter for the GCSE Maths Foundation level exams she dreaded, and through his patience and expertise, he boosted her confidence considerably. The outcome for my daughter was that she passed her exams with a ‘C’ (rather than the predicted ‘D’ grade). I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a GCSE Maths tutor.”
Mr Llewellyn-Thomas (parent), St. Albans, Herts

Elite Tutors

“Your teaching has been exceptional, Chris, as you were very patient, and went over certain topics I was unsure about in detail. Your years of experience and extensive knowledge of the exam boards were very helpful, and which subsequently allowed me to achieve a grade A (from a predicted ‘B’) in my GCSE Maths exams.”
R Patel (student), Hemel Hempstead, Herts

“Mr Haycock was extremely effective in his teaching skills, and I was able to understand topics from the curriculum which previously seemed like a foreign language to me. His continuous encouragement built my confidence, which initially was very little. I felt very prepared when my exams finally came, and I achieved a grade ‘B’ in my GCSE Maths exam, which I was overjoyed about.”
Ms L Lambrou (student), London Colney, Herts

“I first started tuition with Chris, to re-sit my GCSE Maths exam, as I wanted to get a higher grade (a ‘B’) which was extremely important for my further education. Chris is an excellent tutor and a friendly person, and knows GCSE Maths in depth. His lessons were efficient and well-organised, and I managed to achieve a grade B thanks to Chris’s tuition.”
M Patel (student), Hemel Hempstead, Herts

“Chris Haycock tutored my son after the disastrous results of his GCSE Maths mock exams. In the 6 months leading up to the exams Chris taught, encouraged and mentored my son to achieve a good grade in his Maths exam (a ‘C’ grade). Chris’s one to one teaching method is intensive and thorough and flowed smoothly from week to week.”-
Mrs M-D (parent), Stevenage, Herts


Section 2: 11+ and General Primary references
“Chris Haycock provided tuition for my daughter from November 2009 to January 2011 in preparation for five 11+ entrance schools, all of which she successfully secured an offer for. He provided a good structure to my daughter’s preparation for the entrance exams, and he successfully kept her calm when the exams were approaching. I would recommend Chris as a tutor without hesitation.”
Mrs D (parent), Cockfosters, London Borough of Enfield

“We first approached Chris to tutor our son in June 2009 for final preparation for 11+ exams for Dame Alice Owen and Parmiters. My son gained a place at Dame Alice, achieving 5th place out of 900 students. I was also informed by Parmiters that he would have been offered a place there too. Chris’s gentle and supportive style led my son to like him personally and respect him as a teacher. I don’t believe my son would have achieved such good results without Chris’s tuition.”
Mrs K (parent), Colney Heath, Herts

“Chris tutored my son for 7 months in preparation for 11+ exams for Rickmansworth School, and I am confident that Chris significantly contributed to my son’s success. Chris gave intensive tuition in Maths and Verbal reasoning, and had access to a large number of past papers. Chris exhibited a high standard of teaching and genuinely cared about my son’s progress, while inspiring confidence in him.”
Mr Lee (parent), Croxley Green, Herts

“Chris Haycock has been tutoring both of my sons for the last 4 years. My younger son has been tutored for the purpose of 11+ entrances for Queens’ Bushey. At the start of the tuition he was only in middle sets for Maths and English. It is very rare for any middle set student to get into these selective schools, but my son sat the test in November 2010, and passed. He also achieved a level 5 in his Maths SATS, and reached top set in English by the end of Year 5

My older son has been taught by Chris in Key Stage 3 and GCSE level Maths and English, since October 2007. He is now demonstrating good targets in both subjects at his school. I am confident in recommending Chris for tutoring for 11+ tuition and KS3 / GCSE Maths and English.”
Mr Rayner (parent), Watford, Herts

“Our daughter received tuition from Chris Haycock from September 2009 to July 2011, in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. By the end of the tuition with Chris her levels had improved remarkably: Maths from a 3a to a 5a, Reading from a 4c to a 5a and Writing from a 4b to a 5a. She received the highest SATS results in her class. This is undoubtedly due to Chris’s extensive knowledge and resources.”
Mr & Mrs G (parents), Shenley, Herts

“My daughter came to Chris for Maths tuition, because she was rapidly falling behind in Maths at school, and began tuition in Year 6 at a level 3c. Six months later working with Chris, she achieved a strong level 4b, due to the outstanding teaching by Chris. He was always very patient with her, putting her at ease with his friendly manner and continual encouragement. The tuition has now made my daughter a more confident child.”
Mrs O (parent), Borehamwood, Herts


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